design that makes sense

Unlike most graphic designers, I got my training not at an art school but from the journalism classes I took at Indiana University.

Instead of being taught to treat blocks of copy simply as design elements, I learned how to best position graphic elements to attract the reader's attention, and how to make the best use of fonts, white space and optimum line lengths to keep that attention once it had been won.

What I learned about how to get people to read a news story has defined my philosophy of graphic design. It's not about making a work of art; it's about communication.

Art may be what grabs the reader's attention, but it's good design — and compelling copy — that keeps it there. I strive to make all my work graphically irresistible, interesting, easy to use, and effective.

As for customer service, I'm guided by the words of a wise old farmer from Bloomfield, Indiana: "'Cain't' never got nothin' done." I enjoy challenges, and maintain a can-do attitude. I may occasionally be heard to say "I don't know," but that phrase is always followed up with "but I can find out." If it's legal and the technology exists, I'll figure out a way to make it happen.